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Tonkin Clacey Inc. is a proud member of the Phatshoane Henney Group, South Africa’s largest legal network, currently comprising nearly 50 top small and medium-sized law firms with nearly 70 offices in 9 Provinces and over 500 professionals in the group.

Group members pool their resources and expertise to foster a national service directory and network of firms and professionals that can assist clients across South Africa. 

Member firms are dynamic and prominent law firms in their respective regions and subscribe to the Group values of caring, innovation, expertise, standards and transformation – values which make each firm stand out as a new breed of law firm. 

The Group offers opportunities for candidate attorneys and professionals to work at firms in most major centres. 

We believe that we provide individuals with an opportunity for a career, not a job. Opportunities to train, improve skills and qualifications through workshops, seminars, study programs and online short courses form part of our working environment.

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