Dave is a director at Tonkin Clacey Inc. with many years of experience in various aspects of property law, specialised property developments, commercial drafting and commercial property finance bonds.
Dave has always been fascinated by the commercial complexities involved with property related transactions and the interaction thereof with the relevant legal provisos and legislation applicable thereto, this inspired Dave to undertake a career focused mainly on property law.

With 16 years of experience in the property sector, Dave has established himself as a leading attorney specialising in property and sectional developments, commercial property finance and commercial drafting.  Dave acts as a preferred service provider to developers in the residential, commercial, industrial and student accommodation space, covering all aspects from the land assembly through to delivery.

Dave believes that exceptional standards of service, quick turnaround times and providing tailor made solutions to clients is key to establishing and strengthening the relationships between the firm and its clients and helping to position the firm as a leading property practice.

Dave enjoys reading, cooking (which generally entails putting something on the barbeque) and spending time with his family.